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  • Call for applications: 8th Jan 2019 - 26th Jan 2019
  • Review and award finalization: 27th Jan 2019 - 10th Feb 2019
  • Announcement and award: 13th Feb 2019

Eligibility Criteria / Submission Requirements

  1. Any solutions/design/process/product/service/client delivery which involves Robotics Process Automation (RPA) as a key catalyst in deriving desired outcomes will qualify as a Case Study for this Hackathon
  2. Provide and showcase enough evidence during submission and to judges on (RPA) usage and how it aligns with desired outcomes (process efficiency, client delivery, increased quality & cost savings) of your Case Study
  3. Process efficiency, client delivery, increased quality & cost savings should be substantiated with enough evidence (e.g. data sheets, financial statements, client testimonials, press articles and independent reports) 
  4. A 1,000 word write up describing how your (RPA) solution has an impact on above mentioned desired outcomes.
  5. A 2 mins short video which describes your case study involving (RPA) Structure has to be problem, solution & results.
  6. Entry must be from an individual or a 2-3-member team or an organization
  7. Maximum 3 entries per participant/team/Organization
  8. Only original submissions are to be made. Plagiarism will result in an immediate disqualification
  9. Be prepared to present case study at the conference if shortlisted. (10 minutes presentation with 3/4 slides)
  10. Any (RPA) platforms can be used for your case study


1. Processing fee: A fee of LKR 5,000 + VAT (Individual) or LKR 10,000 + VAT (Organizations) per entry.

(Please make your application fee via a bank transfer/cheque to SLASSCOM before 20th of Jan 2019 after submitting your application. Cheque should be drawn in favor of SLASSCOM and crossed account payee only)


     Bank & Branch: NDB Headoffice branch

     A/C Name: SLASSCOM

     A/C No: 101000053822


     Bank Transfer: Please send a scanned copy of deposit slip as an evidence           



2. The indicative word count and duration provided for screen-casts/videos are the upper limits. Your content should be within the thresholds specified.

3. Please indicate a single point of contact who would be our point of correspondence during the nomination and selection stages.

4. The Awards Committee has the right to not award a winner for a category if a suitable candidate is not available within the submissions received.