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"The border between the virtual and real world continues to break down, providing breathtaking experiences that, a short time ago, could only be found in the imagination of sci-fi writers." ` Intel

The Immersive Technology landscape is changing rapidly - So much is happening so fast that it's sometimes puzzling to understand what AR, VR, MR can really do. Let's take a closer look at these technologies and what th future holds. We will also discuss the current outlook of the local and international markets for Immersive Tech as well.

Organized by the SLASSCOM Tech Forum

The session will focus on;

  • Brief look into AR, VR and Mixed Reality
  • Is immersive technologies useful?
  • Technically what's possible at this moment?
  • What future holds for immersive technologies?
  • Current business applications
  • Possible use cases
  • Local and International markets for immersive technologies

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