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We are entering an Era where there are no Playbooks to support us. Challenges of Pandemic are throttling our lives, carriers & organizations. As a person, team, & an enterprise re-organizing ourselves for high performance is essential.

Agile companies are spectacularly more successful than traditionally managed companies even during this uncertain time. They are good at creating value. They are good at managing risk. They are good at fixing problems. They are good at creating new markets.

As Scrum Ambassadors, We envision a world where agile expertise is widely available to people in all countries, languages and industries. From operations to innovation and new product development to leadership. Our mission is to help agile practitioners achieve mastery in their chosen field & thrive with agility.

Purpose of this Upcoming Scrum Ambassadors certification program (16 hour training + 4 hours of coaching ) is to introduce A mindset, framework & Skill to discover & re-organize yourself and your team to solve complex challenges & achieve Speed, value & innovation using Agile & Scrum

Obtain the Globally Recognized Scrum Ambassadors Certification after successfully completing 16 hours online Workshop and Submitting Case study!

Dont miss this valuable Session ! Discounts are available for Minimum of 5 group ticket purchases


  • Janani Liyanage (Founder, Enterprise Agile Coach of AGILITY TUNE-UP TRANSFORMATION SERVICES)

    Janani Liyanage

    Founder, Enterprise Agile Coach of AGILITY TUNE-UP TRANSFORMATION SERVICES

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