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Significant changes were introduced to the tax regime in Sri Lanka towards the end of 2019 and during

the first half of the year 2020. The changes were introduced via web notices posted on the Inland Revenue

Website and was made effective Jan 2020 pending the passing of legislation. The said changes were again

reiterated in the Budget Proposals presented to Parliament on 17 th November 2020 together with new tax

proposals. Taxpayers were eagerly awaiting the introduction of the legislation to ascertain the exact

parameters surrounding certain proposals as the web notices were not clear in some instances.

The legislation giving effect to the above-mentioned tax proposals were finally made law by the introduction of

Inland Revenue (Amendment) Act No 10 of 2021 and Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act No 9 of 2021.

SLASSCOM together with PwC has organized a knowledge roll out for its membership with the objective

of highlighting the salient features of the said amending Acts as would be applicable to the Information

Technology industry.


Charmaine Tillekeratne (Director of Pwc)

Charmaine Tillekeratne

Director of Pwc

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