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The SLASSCOM Product & Platform Council's "Ask Me Anything" series is an articulated webinar to help you connect directly with the product experts to help answer any questions you have regarding Product Management.

In this episode, we invited Suren Pinto, the CEO of Wavenet to answer questions about "Expanding to International Markets".

We will discuss the following;

  • Lessons from our first international failure to operating in 23 countries
  • What we got right
  • How we screwed up
  • What we learned

  • The basics – how we look at:
  • Market
  • Competition
  • Competitive advantage
  • Know your strengths
  • Don't follow the herd
  • Commit to your customer
  • Assume nothing

  • Power of networking and referrals
  • Don't make enemies
  • Don't do projects – create evangelists
  • Be the go-to guy

  • Bringing it all together
  • Avoiding Deal heat
  • Building the team
  • Finally, lighting that cigar



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